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Roof mounted solar is quick, usually taking just 3 days, to install, and it's affordable. We triple seal every penetration that connects your system to your roof and attach proven Ironridge mounting equipment to guarantee long term, reliable power.

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If you're averse to putting panels on your roof, or if you have unshaded yard space you'd like to take advantage of, consider a Ground Mounted System. We'll make sure your system works for you and your yard. 

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No matter what space you’re working with, we’ll work with you to make solar work for your situation.



We handle paperwork like permitting, interconnection, and state incentives (RECs) applications for our customers for free.
We also provide monitoring and REC paperwork to clients whose systems we did not sell or install.
We monitor systems for our clients for the entirety of the 15-year REC contract to ensure compliance. 
If we see a panel or inverter that is out, we'll send a repairman to fulfill your warranty. 


Illinois Solar 

Agree to keep your panels on your roof for the next 15 years, and you'll get up to 45% of your money back in your first year of going solar. To learn more, visit:

Illinois has some of the best solar legislation in the Country! 

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