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Solar Sales Representative

Sangamon Solar is looking for results-driven people to actively seek out and engage customers through events, calling, & emailing. In a nut shell, your job is to reach out to, prepare for, & educate customers on appropriate solar energy solutions. Make no mistake, this will be an experience. Sangamon Solar looks to position itself as a local leader within a rapidly growing industry, and is dedicated to giving its members a platform for simplicity, productivity, comradery, and opportunity.

This position will allow you to understand Illinois’s transition to a renewable energy economy, will teach and reinforce best sales practices, and will provide a respectful, communicative work culture. At present, salary for the position is 100% commission based and is subject to employee experience. 

Reach out to Eli at to discuss your interest in adding your experience to the team.


  • A feeling of ownership of the company and its objectives

  • Driven to become an expert within your area of expertise

  • A relaxed, conscientious demeanor to fellow team members

  • Friendly and empathetic communication skills with clients

  • A desire to design and sell as many solar systems as you can within our window

  • Willingness to, if necessary, speak publicly with confidence and poise

  • Desire to work individually but establish and promote team comradery 


  • Identify, establish, and maintain a reliable communication network

  • Handle customers’ needs in an informative and efficient manner

  • Working well with team members and other departments

  • Provide weekly updates on the work you’ve done

  • Design customer proposals

  • Development and coordination of recruitment strategies

  • Work on sales presentations, proposals, and other materials as needed to support project development efforts

  • Uphold and participate in company culture


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