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Sangamon Solar was established in 2018 to help Illinois use 100% renewable energy by 2050. To better make this goal a reality, we are dedicated to developing attractive, efficient, profitable, and renewable solutions for our community.

Our belief at Sangamon Solar is simple: people should own and pay less for their electricity, whether it's to achieve energy independence or reduce their carbon footprint. 

We strive to make the solar installation process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Our qualified and dedicated team will ensure that your project is completed on your preferred timeline, at your ideal pace. Your peace of mind is, after safety, our top priority.



Elijah Photo 1.10.24.jpg

Elijah, or just Eli, founded Sangamon Solar in 2018 so he, and customers throughout Central Illinois, could make money installing Renewable Energy. Over the last 5 years, Sangamon Solar has interconnected more than 71 installations across the state, or 828 kw of solar installed. As of Jan 2024, we are 10 employees strong. We look forward to the year and years ahead thanks to our dedication to quality, improvement, and, first and foremost, our customers.  Solar can be complicated. We've worked to make discussing solar concise and enjoyable; right now and for the next 15 years+ to come. Prior to founding Sangamon Solar, Eli worked researching renewable energy and waste management technologies usable for the US Dairy Industry. Eli enjoys hiking, canoeing the Sangamon River, reading, Spotify, board games, and family time.   

Elijah Smith, CEO & Founder

Kristian Photo 1.10.24.jpg

Kristian Hopkins, Project Administrator

Kristian is a double graduate of the University of Illinois with a Master's in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences. Kristian's value at Sangamon Solar can't be overstated. He ensures the customers get their state incentives payments as quickly as possible and assists "stranded customers" whose solar companies have gone out of business. His experience working with government bodies, non-profits, political campaigns, and other organizations s well as his connections to the community bring a highly valued perspective to the company. Kristian enjoys hiking, kayaking, and volunteering at local forest preserves and spending time with his dogs Paulie and Pancake. 

Brenden is Sangamon Solar's Residential Project Developer and Salesman. With 2+ years experience discussing landscape alterations with home and business owners, Brenden is just the person you want to be discussing the pros and timeline of installing solar. Brenden has studied horticulture at Parkland College and is getting his BS in Business Administration from University of Maryland online. Brenden enjoys playing basketball, soccer, running and hiking. 

Brenden Jewsbury, Project Developer and Salesman

Shir Photo 1.10.24.jpg

Shir Ahmad Popalzai , Electrician and Project Manager

Shir is Sangamon Solar's In House  Electrician. Shir was born in Afghanistan and studied Electrical Engineering at Kabul Polytechnic University. Shir worked as an Electrical Quality Assurance Engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan from 2014 to 2019. Shir has spent more than 5 years in Solar and has more than 150 roof and ground mounted solar installations. Shir is OSHA 10 and NABCEP PV Certified.

Markos Lopez, Journeyman Solar Installer

Markos joined Sangamon Solar in 2023. Markos was born and was raised in Champaign Urbana and graduated from Centennial High School in 2020. Markos is driven, reliable, and a great communicator. Leading a crew is Markos's goal by the end of 2024. Markos enjoys eating well, being outdoors and spending time with his girlfriend and his cat.


Dan Bertalot, Field Supervisor

Dan joined Sangamon Solar in 2024. He has 5 years of experience in solar throughout northern and central Illinois. Dan lives in Champaign and has a wife and three children. When not working, Dan enjoys exercising and spending time with his family. 


Jason, Electrical Technician

 Jason joined Sangamon solar in 2024. He enjoys video games, playing with his puppy, Precious. Jason also is also a tattoo artist on the side. Jason has 14 years of experience in construction industry.

Hours of Operation


Sangamon Solar

807 Dennison Drive 

Champaign, IL 61820

Monday through Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm

Closed Sundays


Office: 217-649-0926

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