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REC Processing

Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Processing is an important step in the process of investing in clean energy.

Approved Vendor Services through the Illinois Shines State Incentive Program

The State of Illinois has an incentive program that is vital to achieving its clean energy targets. This program allows vendors to sell the carbon offsets from your solar system back to utility companies. Sangamon Solar is an Approved Vendor in the Illinois Shines program, and offers competitive pricing and faster-than-average processing times for customers and businesses needing help with REC processing. 

"An Approved Vendor serves as the contractual counterparty with the utility, and thus the entity that receives payments from the utility for REC deliveries as contract obligations are met. Approved Vendors are therefore the entities responsible for submitting paperwork to the Program Administrator, maintaining collateral requirements, and providing ongoing information and reporting."
Illinois Shines Program Guidebook 2023
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If you have an Illinois Shines application in progress, you can check the status of your application using this tool.

Sangamon Solar began providing Approved Vendor services to our customers in 2022, after one of the largest REC vendors left the IL Shines program and processing times increased significantly. We have since expanded this service to "Stranded Customers" whose companies were unresponsive for one reason or another. This experience allows us to work directly with customers and require less leg work from Designees. We only require a few documents and clear communication, then we take care of the rest. Our Approved Vendor contract includes 15 years of system monitoring, uploading production data, and reporting to the utility. 
Kristian Hopkins, Project Administrator
Head of REC Processing

Schedule a Consultation with Kristian to learn more about how Sangamon Solar can assist you.

If you have decided on Sangamon Solar as your Approved Vendor, please click the link below to submit your system information:

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